Esporles: supporting local shops and businesses

Esporles is rich, 
like the whole valley that surrounds it
—F. P. Verrié (1948)—

In Esporles' local shops and businesses, you find practically everything you need without having to leave the town. When it comes to food products, in addition to the weekly market, the town has several supermarkets, fruit shops, traditional bakeries, a butcher's, shops with organic produce and more. 

Esporles also features numerous restaurants and bars, which stand out for their popularity, high standards and, above all, big cool terraces. They are meeting points for locals and visitors alike all year long.

In the town centre and the immediate vicinity, there are also clothes stores, perfume shops, a jeweller's, carpenter's shops, hardware stores, craft shops for buying gifts, furniture restorers and a potter's studio. You can also find building suppliers, pet shops, hair dresser's, and a physiotherapist. An online platform “Esporles A Prop”, sponsored by the Town Council, promotes local businesses and stores, facilitating purchases of goods and services in the municipality.

Thanks to the municipality's peace and quiet, fascinating heritage, and role as a gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana, Esporles has several guesthouses, country hotels and rural tourism centres, in addition to a mountain refuge, offering widely varying accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes. 

Click on this link for a directory of Esporles' businesses and shops. 

As for basic services, Esporles has a health centre, a veterinary clinic, a library, banks and a post office.


The municipality also has a museum at Sa Granja, a former rural estate which now offers visitors an insight into Mallorcan history. As well as being a superb example of Mallorcan civil baroque architecture, Sa Granja also features one of the Balearic Islands' finest historical gardens.   

An enterprising approach to local products

For some years now, initiatives have been taken in Esporles to promote locally made products. Two examples deeply rooted in Mallorca's history and culinary traditions are wine and oil. 

Es Verger estate produces an appealing selection of top-quality organic wines of various kinds. Indeed, one of their wines was awarded a prize at the Nuremberg Fair in 2011. 

A magnificent oil is produced from Esporles' olives with the ‘Oli de Mallorca’ designation of origin, and the oil mill now forms part of the Western Mallorcan Mountain Agroroute. 

The ancient estate of Son Quint produces an oil called “Predio Son Quint”, also sold with the ‘Oli de Mallorca’ designation of origin. 

In recent years, many estates have rebuilt the dry-stone walls of their abandoned terraces so as to reintroduce vine growing. Esporles will clearly soon become a landmark on the Serra de Tramuntana's wine tourism routes. 

When it comes to craftwork, La Fiore is one of the island's most emblematic glass-blowing companies. With a history dating back to 1964, La Fiore stands out for its distinctive personality. In addition to traditional glassware (olive cruets, dishes, cups, jugs etc.), with the collaboration of architects and designers, the factory also produces decorative objects for clients worldwide.